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Facility & Equipment

Facility and equipment

vivo Science has the technical and scientific infrastructure to perform rodent in vivo-based studies including qualified equipment to perform GxP-compliant studies.  The GLP and GMP compliance is assured by continuous internal monitoring and QA self-inspections as well as regular external audits by clients and the responsible German authorities.

The 900 sqm facility allows for sufficient space and includes:

  • BSL 2 laboratory to perform virus-based assays and the handling of genetically-modified organisms
  • Large cell culture laboratory
  • Biochemistry laboratory


The facility has separate animal laboratories using independent air handling as recommended by the FELASA.  Housing is available for mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs and embryonated eggs.


  • BSL 2 animal housing using IVC racks
  • Sterile SPF animal housing
  • Standard animal housing











  • Radioisotope laboratory and beta scintillation counter for the use of radioactive markers
  • Histology and immunochemistry preparations are performed in-house
  • Necropsy workstations
  • Histology workstations
  • Immuno-fluorescence microscopy


The facility is well equipped for non-animal studies using equipment such as:


  • Flow cytometer
  • ELISA reader
  • Sterile hoods
  • Incubators
  • Autoclaves
  • Fume hood
  • Real-time PCR
  • Gradient PCR




All critical equipment used in studies are connected to a central electronic monitoring system with automated alarming in the case of a malfunction



A central gas supply is used for all incubators and is protected by a backup alert system.


Containment and standard laboratories have separate air handling units.  The air for the containment laboratories passes through HEPA filters before entering these laboratories.

An internal back-up power supply is available in the case of electrical outages.  The electronic raw data systems are also separately buffered.